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AIDS PEI's prevention efforts focus on STBBI incident reduction - reducing the spread of sexually transmitted and blood borne infections, and health promotion - promoting positive outcomes and/or desired behaviours. AIDS PEI is committed to integrating a social determinates of health perspective into all of our prevention initiatives. Our organization understands that both risk and resiliency need to be understood within a social and environmental context.

General Prevention

AIDS PEI is an information resource open to all community members interested in learning more about HIV, Hep- C, STI's, the spectrum of sexualities and gender identities, and risk reduction (i.e. safer sex and safer drug use). AIDS PEI also offers various workshops on these topics. These workshops are described on our education page.

Population Focused Prevention

AIDS PEI strives to work with populations or groups who have been identified as "at risk" in respectful and collaborative ways. We provide condoms, lubricants, dental dams, and other materials free of charge. We provide information on safer drug use strategies, and are currently working to engage those at risk for Hep-C infection in program development. We also provide population focused outreach and targeted programing. A list of our currently offered programs can be found on our services page .

Health Promotion as Prevention

AIDS PEI is committed to supporting and collaboratively working with those most effected by HIV and Hep-C. AIDS PEI strives to provide responsive programing specifically for individuals with personal HIV or Hep-C experience. A list of our currently offered programs can be found on our services page. AIDS PEI also maintains a library of health maintenance and treatment information written for people living with HIV or Hep C. In all of our work, AIDS PEI is dedicated to affirming the voices of people living with, and most effective by, STBBI's.


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