Overview of the disease

Diseases are so many; cures are unlimited, but some disorders in the world are supposed to be non-curable. HIV Aids (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is considered one of the most dangerous conditions for the last few centuries, and this disease is spread because people are illiterate so are unaware of the causes, symptoms and precautions to follow. 

A statistics revealed according to UNAIDS that 25.5 million people are taking antiretroviral therapy by the end of June 2019, which means they are favourable to HIV. 

Intro to Lentivirus – HIV Infection and AIDS

Universal law has been all set to acknowledge people about the lentivirus that is a root cause of HIV infection and Aids. Well, HIV infection and AIDS are the two species of lentivirus. Lentivirus spread through body fluids include blood, semen, vaginal and rectal fluid and Breast Milk. 

Symptoms of being HIV Infection and AIDS Positive

Startlingly, HIV symptoms include that oesophagus remain ulcers and gastrointestinal tract remains acidic at the medium level, and mouth blisters are a routine, and even red patches appear on the human body. HIV side by side started to damage the human body and could not let you realize you are HIV positive and will destroy the human body’s lymphocytes. 

In this way, the human body is all about a model of infection cause to all the time fever and high temperature to body. Mucus with cough and sneezing become a daily routine due to internal bleeding. It enforces blood to come out by way of nose and mouth. Until you realize that you are favourable to HIV, it has been transformed from HIV to Aids. Aids is more fatigue than HIV infection. 

A cure is possible unless or until you know if it is HIV, but if it is changed to AIDS, then massive vaccination cannot do something. We are moving to HIV Infection Cure Treatment to save as many lives as we can save by giving awareness to stay safe from a lentivirus. Or what should you do at the time of need?

HIV Cure Treatment with Proper Medication and Awareness

Before approaching the cure, we need to explain how people should get aware beforehand to stay safe from this non-curable virus as under developing countries suffered HIV Aids more than literate counties. South Africa, Nigeria and India are the top three countries with the highest rank suffering from HIV while Djibouti, Guyana, and Kyrgyzstan are the least who are serene to this disease according to CIA World Factbook. 

There is no proper vaccination and cure has been settled for this disease — only a therapy called “Antiretroviral Therapy” to save yourself from transmitting HIV into Aids. And a human body should have to maintain CD4 cells not let to increase the capacity of this disease. Many pharmacists, doctors and physicians suggest antiretroviral tablets control over HIV to transmit it into Aids. 

Final Thought…

In a nutshell, we concluded that if HIV cure treatment settles cautiously, then we may add days to our life to transmit it to AIDS if in case if someone is HIV positive. But how to stay safe? Getting too much physical with more than a man makes this disease able to reach stock in women. Women transmit it into those who are HIV negative either intentionally or unintentionally.


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