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Precancerous Polyps–common name is Familial adenomatous polyposis. It is an inherited disorder transformed by the cancer of large intestine and rectum and is a severely unbearable inherited disease. Sometimes–some cases are solvable while some instances are unsolvable. People with classical polyposis may grow multiple noncancerous benign and polyps in the colon and rectum.

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The FAP is an inherited issue as we have discussed above; it is mainly and chiefly a cause of genetically transmitted diseases. Many backward people consider it a curse for having an inherited disease. Well, it is because of the colon is in initial polyp stage if it is not removed from the colon on time these polyps become nasty for your unrecoverable health. The average age for at which someone got a clear development of colon cancer FAP is 38 to 40 years. This disease varies skin to skin and body to body, i.e. means to say it delays polyp growth. In this situation, the age for attenuated FAP is 53 to 55 years, possibly.

See, inherited change in the APC gene leads to an approximately 110% lifetime peril of colorectal cancer. Either it is easy to control over the colon cancer when we remove large intestine from the body. In such case-patients have a 15% risk of approaching cancer to the small intestine, and it is a mere cause of cancer death in such group of people. An American Medical Organization has recognized the first-hand precaution for such patients to have first guarding treatment. They presented a 2-drug combination that generally can overcome the number and size of the precancerous polyps in the small intestine.

An American Researcher at Utah University in the US said that medical and surgical management of these patients is hard since it is tough to get rid of precancerous polyps from both large and small intestine but harder to remove from the small intestine. 

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The research shows that FAP found in 1 person from 10000 people. Transmission of APC gene from one parent to another is a significant cause of this inherited disease. Research studies with cultured colon cancer cells in a rat model for FAP recommended that by stalling two divergent biochemical trials may stop cancer cells growth but have to use at the same time. In the mouse for FAP model, giving a medication that jammed an irritation that must compose of cyclooxygenase and another drug named EGFR, stands for Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor, drove down the growth of small intestine cancer in other creatures than man by 87%.

A PhD. American Researcher, on this thesis, presented a theory on the current clinical trial that used the info got in the laboratory test, a drug combination Sulindac and Erlotinib with experiments of cyclogeneses and EGFR. This trail is a test to check up these two indifferent drugs at the same time if we can drive down the growth of polyps and cancer in intestines being a challenge to accept.

Ninety-two FAP patients have presented from an Institute Hereditary Abdominal Cancer Office, one of the largest institutes in the world, and they are moving in an experiment where half received the drug and half placebo. This experiment was just a trial, so patients didn’t know what was going on, and the researcher was not aware of the effects of drugs. So, to understand the impacts, doctors did endoscopy before the experiment started. After six months, the researchers again arranged an endoscopy to know the size and number of polyps by visualizing them before and after treatment.

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Common side effects that patients may face during treatment are acne-like rash (87%). Most people reduced the use of the drug in six months of trial examination. It does not belong to the effect of a reduction in polyp burden or number suggesting that lower doses of the drug may useable in upcoming experiments. 

Another researcher exclaimed that many side effects are tolerable when you try a new drug treatment that provides accurate inhibition. You recognize a specific group of patients with the most severe cancer, the drug may have a risk profile, but the risk share changes because the patient may have insufficient side effects, but decreasing the risk of cancer is more important.

He further added while this initial experiment is positive, but it is not a fact that if the drug mish-mash inhibits cancer overall. The patients are being monitored for the next two years, which will support to control over long-term results. Upcoming multi-centre experiments will look at using the drugs at the different prescribed amount and using erlotinib and sulindac alone or in a blend.

cancer death in such group of peopleFinal Thought…

We concluded that FAP is an initial disorder being precancerous polyps. There should be a new treatment to lessen the hereditary precancerous polyps. Many researchers, with the help of experienced biochemists and pharmacists, are trying to plan a new drug to reduce such genetic diseases. Cancer kind-of polyps should be treated at the initial stages. Still, another researcher exclaimed that such precancerous conditions never let you know their symptoms rather than sudden appearance, so there should be a permanent solution for identifying the initial signs of such diseases.

Another great researcher Grace Henry said that deadly kind-of diseases always have an initial fever being a symptom. If you are suffering from such a fatal disease, then, do not ignore a prolonged fever. A long-time fever is a major symptom of hereditary precancerous polyps. As we discussed above, there are trials of two biochemical drugs, but such drugs always come up with major side effects; it may include heart attack or sudden blockage of breathing. Drugs are still the best remedies rather than taking yourself to permanent chemo because such chemo gives a terrible and unbearable pain.

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