To treat cancer is not an easy task–ultrasound type of radio and chemo starts where medicine stops working on patients. But there is a need for more attentive cures for prostate cancer that lessen the risk of harmful nerves that supply the blood or oxygenated nutrients to the penis, urine control muscles and the rectum.

If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them. When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or fight like hell.

Prostate Cancer and back pain

The study – on the proficiency of high-intensity engrossed ultrasound (HIFU) to the weakness of men with limited prostate cancer – given at the European Association of Urology Congress (EAU16) in Munich, Germany, March 11-15, 2016. It was a quiet distinct report about how prostate cancer targeted with ultrasound treatment would be manageable

For this purpose, many hypotheses and observations may trail upon many cancerous or precancerous symptom-based men. UCFL in London has also provided the same technique upon 625 men to prove the queries in the scenario are right or wrong, but it has to hold between the decades of 2004 to 2015. The people came to the UK for treatment of the non-metastatic cancerous tumours; these tumours belonged to prostate and not farther from glands. The study belonged to the major sensible issues of prostate cancer that should transform by ultrasound treatments.

Hashem Ahmed, an advisor or mentor being a urological surgeon at UCH, told at the meeting that 90-95% of patients who were under-treatment at HIFU ICU had removed their prostate tumour. These patients are cancer-free now and even do not need any radio or chemotherapies after five years of treatments.

Temper us in fire, and we grow stronger. When we suffer, we survive”

Another monitoring noted that an earlier study by Ahmed and his companions belonging to Oncology Research in 2012, where 41 men who once experienced at HIFU, 95% were free of cancer after one year just because they had passed or undergone from the test that was taken as an experiment upon them.

In the new more extensive study report, an average result, of only 1-2% of the patients of HIFU study suffered prolonged self-control issues over urination. In contrast, some approx 12% experienced erectile dysfunction. The figures are comparably different for those men who had surgery–an estimate of 60% of maximum people suffered disturbing and stressing side effects. Which means to say surgery is a more sensible case than the treatment with ultrasound rays that could go longer than ever.

What is Prostate Cancer About?prostate cancer symptoms and warning signs

It is cancer that forms in the prostate–a tiny gland shaped like a walnut in males that makes the semen and helps to grow and transport sperm to the opposite gender.

It is a very common type of cancer in men. It grows slowly and primarily remain to the prostate glands. There, it may not be a reason for severe risk. Though some kinds of prostate cancer raise slowly and may need no cure than a short course of tablets, other types are hard-hitting and can multiply quickly.

I have got prostate cancer, and I have to keep monitoring that. It’s no problem, it’s under control and I’m very cool about it, but other people are dying from it.”

How this Cancer Start and Spread in the Human body?

Like many other cancers, prostate cancer initially does not show signs and symptoms, but few are as follows

  • Difficulty in urinating
  • Decreased force in the stream of urine
  • Blood in semen
  • Uneasiness in the genital area
  • Body pain
  • Erectile dysfunction

Causes of Prostate Cancer

What is the real cause of prostate cancer is not clear yet. Doctors only give a theoretical detail about it that some abnormal cells are the primary cause of cancer in prostate glands. Fluctuation among the settling of the cells and its organelles may cause the cells to get the abnormality. DNA is the primary cause to grow and divide these abnormal cells swiftly. Abnormal cells damage the other lively cells, and they would die soon, and abnormal cells will live forever in the human body. The hoarding abnormal cells form a polyp that can raise to attack nearby tissue. Some abnormal cells can also detach and scatter (metastasize) to other parts of the body and increases the potential of that cancer within days.

After I had prostate cancer, I had something which was misdiagnosed which led to a load of back operations.

Risk factors

Factors that can increase your risk of prostate cancer include:

Age. When you become aged. With growing age, the risk of this cancer increases.

Family history. It’s due to inherited issues. It can be that men in your family had prostate cancer since many generations and died of it without knowing that they are suffering from the disease, and it is in the family history of genes. Then there may be chances of prostate cancer occur in the next generations.

Obesity. It is sometimes difficult to get to know that obese men also can be diagnosed with prostate cancer that may be more likely to have advanced disease more hard to treat.

Complications and Treatments Prostate cancer diagnosis

  •      Major and Minor 

Problems of prostate cancer and its treatments comprise:

  • Cancer that spreads (metastasizes). Prostate cancers is not a disease to be all set on a place where it is formed once. It is motile to the nearby organs such as the bladder and can travel through your bloodstream to other parts of the body. It can even move to the backbone where the pain would feel like a fractured bone of the body. At times it may respond to the treatment, but it is considered non-curable.
  • Incontinence. Both prostate cancer and its cure can cause urinary self-restrained. Cure for incontinence can be subject onto the type you have, how difficult it is, and the chance it will build up. Treatment options may include medications, drains through therapies and surgery.
  • Erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can affect prostate cancer or its handling, including surgery, radiation or hormone cures. Some medications and devices help in attaining erection and surgery to cure erectile dysfunction.

Final Thought….

Traditional treatments such as surgery and radiotherapy help to treat the whole prostate and risk harmful nerves that supply the penis, urine control physiques and the rectum. Damage to these nerves leads to incontinence and erectile dysfunction.


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