Sex is fun, very healthy, helps you in getting rid of your anxiety and stress and makes your immune system strong. It has many benefits; it can even make you good looking. But not having sex proves to be beneficial for you too. It works differently for different purposes. Some people choose to cut it permanently, and others do it temporarily.

People who do not find themselves enjoying in their bedrooms go into a different sphere of self-worth by quitting sex.

protective Sex and free AIDS

 I realized that virginity is important for many people; some people do find happiness without having sex because sex doesn’t work for them in some places. I can go on with this that there are several reasons why one wants to give up sex. Given below are those reasons:

∙        Bacterial infections:

                           When vaginal intercourse is done, then bacteria enters the female body through the urethra. This is because the urethra is close to anal and vaginal opening due to which bugs can enter the body very easily. The risk increases if you have sex every day, and if your partner has HIV in its body, then it can be transmitted to you as well, which later becomes a disease called AIDS. It’s important to urinate before and after sex so that if it has any bacteria, it passes out from the body.  

∙        Produce a lot of fluids:

                                  Squirting and ejaculation are both natural side effects of sex, and they shouldn’t be a source of anxiety. Some experts think that they are interchangeable, but we should exactly know that which is which.

When turned on, the females ejaculate, it is not lubrication but a whitish fluid that exudes from the female body just before the climax. It is not urine but prostate plasma. This is not good for the body because if it is excreted in large quantity, then it will lead to body pain.

∙        You experience pain:

                            Researches have shown that 30 per cent of the women experience pain when having sex either inside the vagina or to its outer parts. The pain can be caused by several reasons, one of which is not being wet. If the pain is not underlying, then the fix is straightforward. Just pause for sometime when you are feeling pain. And water-based lubricant and changing position can also help.

healthy life with Sex and Safe Sex

How we can live a healthy life without sex

We have made it possible for humans to live their life even without sex. We do many things to take care of our health such as exercise, eating healthy, good sleep, and so on that help us live our lives even without sex.

∙        By exercising regularly:

                 Daily exercise keeps your muscles active, reduces fats in the body and keeps your heart healthy. If you are active, then it means that you are maintaining your health for everyone. Some people who are work daily, lose their strengths, but daily exercise helps them to prevent this. When your mind and body are relaxed already by training, you won’t need sex to help your body or mind. So it will become easy for you to quit sex.

∙        By avoiding alcohol and drugs:

                        Excessive use of alcohol is not suitable for either your body or your mind. It weakens your immune system that helps to protect your body from infections. If you have it excessively then, unwanted thoughts will come in your account which can be about having sex too. So, by preventing this, you can prevent yourself from having sex. Plus if you will avoid drugs, then there will be fewer chances for you to use contaminated needles that further lowers chances of having HIV.

∙        By eating healthy:

                         If you want to live a healthy life, then it’s essential to eat healthy food first, which is free from fats, sugar or salt. You can also consult your health professional for having a balanced diet if you:

∙ Are either overweight or underweight

∙ Have any dietary problem

∙ Experiencing any side effect that is making difficult for you to eat healthily

When you divert your mind towards food, then you won’t think about sex. When your body is healthy, then there will be no need for sex.

∙        By taking medications:

                                                    Medication can also help with quitting sex and living a healthy life. It is the last thing that you do if none of the other solutions is working for you. There are many medicines that can help you stay away from sex. No desire is left for sex when you take these medicines. 

If medication does not work for you, then you can go for the therapy too. For this purpose, consult a therapist. Your therapist will then help you control your desires and even your thoughts of sex, although it can take more time but will work for you.

Avoid Pregnancy

Life without sex is actually very good and quite healthy too. You surely miss sex at the start when you are leaving it but not as much as you think you would. Sex is not an addiction but a cycle too. And this cycle breaks over time as its physical need lessens with time. You can live happily without it, I know it’s hard to believe, but it is true. At first, it is difficult to leave this, but with passaging time, you will find control over your thoughts and will survive without it.  Quitting sex has improved my relationship with women. Now I have many more female friends than I ever had before. It has changed my activities, and the priorities are now much different. If there will be no sex in our life, then the probability of HIV entering the body will decrease, which means no infections and no chance of any disease such as AIDS.


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