The medical department bears prime importance in every era as it applies to the health and life of human beings. With time, the problems and needs of man increased and became a motive behind many discoveries and inventions to fulfil the requirements for a better living. So the scientists and workers have worked day and night to bring innovation and advancement for the progress of the medical field to provide better health facilities to the humanity. Many changes have been brought in medical and allied health sciences. In this script, we will discuss some important technologies and inventions which have raised the standard of the health department.

Progress in medical Field in Previous Centuries:

It made most of the crucial landmarks in medicine and surgery in the mid and last of the 20th century. Before that, in the 19th century, it added the earlier era to the progress of medicine and surgery. There are many medical innovations of the past like:

  • Vaccine
  • Surgical anaesthetic
  • Antisepsis
  • Antibiotics
  • Antiviral drugs
  • Improved Sanitation techniques
  • New techniques for diagnosis such as radiological imaging
  • Better ways in cardiac care and heart’s surgery
  • Birth control pills
  • The invention of new tools for operation and new drugs for treatments
  • discovery of Gene Therapy

 Medical Innovations in the present century:

The medical professionals have covered a massive milestone in this century. The medical progress has reached its peak in recent years. Improved technology has made the diagnosis and treatments efficient to a high level. For example:

  • Interpretation of Human Genome and gene mapping
  • Stem cell research
  • Use of Radiations in diagnosis and treatment (MRI, Radiotherapy, EEG, CT scan etc.)
  • New drugs that extend HIV survival
  • Cure of serious ailments through Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Treatment of Stroke and other brain diseases
  • Pharmacia-genomic testing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Immunotherapy
  • Heart Valves Replacements
  • RNA Therapy
  • 3-D Printing
  • Robotic Surgery

Overall Top Five Innovations which have revolutionized medicine:

The above-stated discoveries and inventions are all essential, and their appearance in medical science has augmented the service of humanity by the better cure of diseases which were almost incurable in the past. But let us discuss some of the most critical innovations great for new techniques in medicine and surgery. The details of Top five medical innovations of the past, present and future are:

Vaccines and Antibiotics:

Dr Edward Jenner first ever introduced the concept of the vaccine in 1796 by protecting a young boy from smallpox. Then this technique extended by other scientists like Louis Pasteur. The main idea is to make a body immune against a pathogenic disease by injecting non-virulent pathogens. The entry of dead pathogens-containing drug stimulates and activates the immune system of the body. The vaccines then made for the prevention of several diseases like polio, rabies, hepatitis B and hepatitis E, measles and many other bacterial or viral infections.

Antibiotics are another significant discovery of the 20th century, which saved and are still saving many lives. In the past, many people died because of bacterial diseases, but now those diseases are straightforward to cure, for example, tuberculosis, anthrax, cholera, etc. In recent times, the pharmacologists and biochemists have introduced modern drugs which are more efficient in their antibacterial action.

Gene Therapy:

Gene therapy was first introduced in 1990, which is a medical technique of enormous scope. It defines gene therapy as the modification (insertion, deletion, alteration) of a gene for the cure of a disease. There are several disorders which arise because of defective genes, and they were challenging to cure before the discovery of gene therapy. ADA-SCID was the first-ever genetic disease which efficiently cured through gene therapy. It occurs because of the lack of the gene that codes for a specific enzyme when this enzyme is absent, and it causes severe sickness. Like many other gene-related diseases, they can now be permanently cured through gene therapy, for instance, haemophilia, cancer, cystic fibrosis, etc. It can also make drugs like insulin and other medicines to treat an incurable disease.

Radiology and other technologies:

Diagnosis and treatment of disorders like cancer, brain tumour, kidney stones, bone fracture etc. through radiations, also known as radiology or Medical Imaging Science. Medical imaging includes different improved technologies like ultrasound, x-ray, CT scan, MRI, radiotherapy, lithotripsy, EEG, etc. Without this, medical science is incomplete.

Stem Cell Therapies:

Stem cells are the immature cells which can divide and grow. I can implant the healthy stem cells to an infected area to stimulate the production of new healthy cells so it can cure the infected cells slowly replaced by healthy cells and the disease. This is a modern technique under work to use in future to treat incurable nervous disorders. Neurons once destroyed never divide again; scientists are working to grow neurons through stem cells. Some diseases have cured efficiently through stem cell therapy.

Treatment of Stroke:

Once there was a time, the patients with a stroke were only destined to death. But now it is being made curable. They can treat patients with large vessel occlusion in 16-24 hours through “Mechanical Thrombectomy”. A spectroscopy device “Cerebrotech Visor” which measures cerebral fluids was also invented in 2018. It can detect trauma, stroke, swelling and other brain pathologies. This blog helps you to know about the latest happenings, medical concerns and latest medical innovations in the world.


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