Large water reservoirs are one of the favourite places for people to visit; like many people prefer beaches, lakes, river banks etc. for recreation and enjoying family vacations. But there is a risk of drowning in the water, especially when the water flow is fast. If we go for a search about drowning deaths, we find that a considerable number of people have lost their lives because of drowning in the water at such places. This article will provide all research information on the clues to the causes of drowning deaths.

The Leading cause of drowning:

Drowning means suffocation because of the entry of a liquid (particularly water) into the respiratory tract via the mouth. It interrupts the absorption of oxygen from the air which ultimately leads to “asphyxia”, a condition because of insufficient oxygen causing suffocation, unconsciousness or death.

The leading cause of death because of drowning is “hypoxia”.

Drowning may cause someone to die. Waves-players are pro persons who can play with waves and know how to dodge the death, so the one who is new to swimming must consider the phrase if you do not know how to swim then must arrange a straw as, “drowning man catches a straw”.

Statistics of drowning deaths:

  • Drowning in water has claimed thousands of lives in recent years. Let’s have a look at the records and facts about drowning:
  • Drowning is the third most occurring unintentional injury-related deaths in the world.
  • According to data, almost 360,000 people died from drowning in 2015.
  • And it accounts for the 7 percent of unintentional injury-related deaths.
  • Drowning has become a major public health problem worldwide.
  • It’s not only in the large water reservoirs, but also many people have died by drowning in swimming pools in their own house.
  • Most of the deaths that occur because of drowning are of children, mostly from age one to four years.
  • If we have a look at the statistics of domestic drowning from 2005 to 2014, 3536 people on average have died due to unintentional drowning, and most of them were children.
  • The facts reveal that 80% of people who die from drowning are male.

Research Sources:

Main Cause of drowning: 

Several factors influence the deaths from drowning. If we realise the reasons and causes of this unintentional injury-related death, we will control such accidents by overcoming the factors that cause death from drowning. Common causes of drowning are:

Inability to swim:

The most important cause of death because of drowning is the inability to swim in the water. When children play around a water reservoir such as a beach, the bank of a river or a swimming pool, they may be subject to the risk of falling in the water. They can’t swim and are most likely to drown, causing their death.

Falling in water by mistake:

We often see that people are fond of taking pictures and standing near the river banks or beaches. A little mistake or a slip of the foot can make you fall in the water. And due to the fast flow of water, the person can’t stay afloat, and the water waves take him/her away with them.

More depth in pools:

Sometimes people drown in the pools due to the wrong system. Water should not be deep in the swimming pools. Deepwater pools increase the risk of drowning. It is suggested to make shallow pools at home, farmhouse, park or hotels.

Absence of barriers:

When proper boundaries do not fence the pools, there is a higher chance of a child falling in it or even an adult mistakenly in the pool. Pool fencing and fixing the barriers around large water reservoirs will decrease the likelihood of deaths due to drowning.

Alcohol drunk people:

We advise people who drink alcohol or take other drugs not to go for swimming. When an intoxicated person, swims in water, he/she may lose their senses and drown because of imbalance. Many people have died from drowning only because of swimming after drinking alcohol.

Swimming during a sickness:

If an ill person swims in water, he/she is at the risk of drowning even if they know how to swim. A seizure during swimming, asthma attack, coughing can cause an imbalance and water can enter into the lungs.

Ways to reduce deaths from drowning:

We need to take measures to save people from dying such an accidental death. We can take the following steps to minimise this unintentional injury-related death:

  • Don’t let your children play around un-fenced waters.
  • Be careful while standing near fast-flowing water and avoid swimming when the tides are high in the sea.
  • Don’t walk over the bridge, which is made of weak material. Special care should be taken while constructing bridges over the rivers properly using high-quality material.
  • Don’t swim after taking any drugs or after eating a heavy meal.
  • Wear life jackets while swimming.

Final Thought…

In this blog, we concluded all those serious and non-serious clues to the causes of drowning deaths. How should one consider it natural calamity upon a person who died by drowning in the water? There were various reasons discussed above where pro-divers found dead bodies and they knew that the died person was immersed or did suicide while jumping into a deep lake or pool where they knew they could not survive.

Drowning is mainly an asphyxia procedure with effects on several organ systems. The lungs, the anatomic centre for respiration, are the primary organs exaggerated by going down under deep water. Respiration is a spontaneous course under the regulator of the dominant nervous system in retort to changes in blood and tissue oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and the blood ph.


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