Coronavirus, the nasty Wuhan coronavirus 

Nowadays, there is a lot of chaos regarding coronavirus because it has created fear in China and spreading towards other countries. China’s city Wuhan has been sealed, and no one is allowed to enter or leave the city. The people have been restricted to their homes, and there is no movement on roads. Coronavirus has caused a lot of deaths. There are a lot of questions in people’s mind about coronavirus. It is something new? Is it a very new virus or old? Let’s discuss the history, current situation, symptoms and treatment of Coronaviruses. 


Coronavirus was first identified in 1960, but its origin is unknown. It is called coronavirus because of its crown-like shape. The latest news about coronavirus shows that it is new, but it is not new, it is the latest strain of old coronavirus. Some strains of coronavirus are not deadly, but some are deadly and can cause death. This latest virus first attacked Wuhan, the City of China. Therefore, it is now named as “Wuhan Coronavirus”. This one is the nastiest virus and was first identified in 2019.


Common symptoms of coronavirus include flu, coughing, sneezing, etc. These are the initial symptoms which continue to get worse with time. The signs will appear within 2 to 14 days of exposure to the virus. The earliest symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breathing. These symptoms get worse after some days. 

Protection and Treatment 

The treatment of this coronavirus is yet to be discovered. Many people have died in China because there is no treatment. But researchers are working hard to find the best cure for this virus. There are safety measures which can prevent you from this virus. Follow these safety measures to protect yourself:

  • Avoid dirty places and wash your hands with soap many times in a day for 20 seconds
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose, mouth etc. with dirty and unwashed hands 
  • Don’t touch the infected person directly
  • You must follow the following instructions to protect others:
  • Try to stay at home if you are sick
  • Don’t touch others; otherwise, the infection will spread
  • Clean yourself properly and disinfect yourself 
  • Cover your nose and mouth while sneezing 

As there is no treatment of this virus discovered yet, protection and safety is the best way to avoid the exposure to this virus. 

  • Some treatments and measures suggested by experts include: 
  • Use pain killers and use anti-fever medicines 
  • Take hot showers and use a room humidifier 
  • Drink liquids regularly 

Stay at home and take rest. There is no need to admit yourself in the hospital because they will only give you the treatments mentioned above. So try to stay at home to protect others as it is a transmitted disease. 

What are the indications of septicity to CoV19?

Indications include fever, severe cough and trouble inhalation or squatness of breath. Illness reasons include fluid droplets and pneumonia. Earlier symptoms may look like flu or a bad cold, making it difficult to diagnose. The gestation period — the time from contact to the start of symptoms — is about two weeks.

On Friday, the Chinese experts said they had observed cases that did not show the usual report. In these patients, the first indicators were gastrointestinal problems, including diarrhoea, abdominal pain and stomach issues.

On Sunday, Ma Xiaowei, head of China’s national vigour charge, declared that infected people could multiply the virus even if they had no indications. The statement confused American specialists, who want to see the exact proof so they can examine it themselves.

Should you be concern about this disease?

Let’s suppose you’ve been in the nearby place of the affected area or been in contact with someone who has coronavirus — which we can say, came from Wuhan, China who is recently attacked by the virus — you’re expected to be safe. In the US, for example, it has only two instances of the virus-rooted so far, although this was supposed to get a transform.

While we don’t yet comprehend the facts of how this virus multiplies, coronaviruses commonly spread through fluid droplets containing significant bits that can only suspend in the air for three to six feet before dispersing. By divergence, measles or varicella (chickenpox) multiplied through smaller droplets over much vaster distances. Some coronaviruses have been found in the faeces of infected people too.

So it’s expected that coughs or sneezes from an infected person may spread the virus. It’s too early to guess whether another route of diffusion, faecal-oral connection, may also spread this particular virus.

Simple transferable virus values are crucial to limit the multiplication of this entity. Wash your hands habitually. Cover while coughing and sneezes with your inward nudge. Avoid tendering your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands. 

Final Thought…

The bottom line is that the coronavirus should not be ignored and must be cured on time. It is a wise quote that a beforehand precaution is better than getting cursed afterwards.


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